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Application for Membership

. Access to Centurions clubrooms/bar at the Stadium before and after games.
. Entitlement to purchase tables at annual Centurions test luncheon.
. Keeping in touch with like minded people by way of newsletters/website.
. Supporting the game amongst the Secondary  Schools.


Ordinary Membership

Applications for membership must be supported by any two existing Centurion Club members and must fall into one of the following categories:
. Players who have represented Wellington by playing in the Wellington A side
. Wellington Rugby Referees  Association's top five referees
. Administators players, coaches, referees or any other person in the WRFU District who in the opinion of the Executive Committee, for the time being, consider that such person's contribution to the cause of rugby union football has been outstanding.

Country Membership
This category covers people who reside outside the boundaries of the WRFU and are invited by the Executive Committee to join in recognition of services to the game.

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