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Our existing members are the normal channels for new members. The constitution of the Centurions Club provides for four membership categories. These are:

  • Life membership
  • Honorary membership
  • Ordinary membership
  • Country membership

To become a member of the Centurions Rugby Football Club, there are two methods of entry:

Ordinary Membership

They can be invited to join by the Executive Committee and must fall into one of the following categories:

  • A WRFU club player who has been chosen as an All Black
  • Players who have played 50 or more games for the Wellington A side
  • Wellington-based members of the NZRFU Council or Executive
  • WRFU Executive members.

They can be nominated for membership by any two existing Centurion Club members and must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Players playing less than 50 games for the Wellington A side
  • Wellington Rugby Referees Association's top five referees
  • Administrators, players, coaches, referees or any other person in the WRFU District who in the opinion of the Executive Committee, for the time being, consider that such person's contribution to the cause of rugby union football has been outstanding.

Country Membership

This category covers people who reside outside the boundaries of the WRFU and are invited by the Executive Committee to join the Centurions Club in recognition of services to the game.


In any category, the person invited or nominated to membership must receive the unanimous vote of all those present at a meeting of the Executive Committee.

In the case of nominations the Executive requires a written summary of the applicant's rugby contribution and/or services to be able to decide whether the requisite criterion to membership has been met.

There is no prescribed membership form, and a letter of nomination is sufficient so long as it bears the signatures of two nominating Centurion Club members.

The Executive Committee needs to be satisfied that the applicant's services to the game are sufficient to merit recognition through membership of the Centurions Club.

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